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10 Free Apps to Help You Achieve Your Health and Fitness Goals


Taking control of your health and fitness has never been easier given the wealth of resources available. You can access a wide array of information, tips, and helpful guides to stay on the fitness track. With numerous apps to choose from, here are some of the best ones you can get for free to ramp-up your “road to fitness” game.

1. Cody
What is it: Access to a fitness community; gets you connected with people who share information, tips, workout ideas, and more; a social/fitness app
Available on: iOS

2. Healthy Out
What is it: An app that helps you make better food choices when dining out, provides nutritional information and options at restaurants of your choice, useful when making specifications on your nutritional requirements or restrictions.
Available on: Android and iOS

3. Human
What is it: Focused on helping you reach your “Daily 30” goal (i.e. 30 minutes of exercise or physical activity), tracks activities or movements, provides feedback if you have reach your goal for the day
Available on: Android and iOS

4. LoseIt
What is it: It is like a one-stop-shop fitness tracker, includes a feature that allows for a customized weight loss plan, calorie tracker; provides information like nutritional value of food you eat, etc.
Available on: Android and iOS

5. MyFitnessPal
What is it: Calorie counter, diet, and exercise tracker; helps you keep track of your eating habits
Available on: Android and iOS

6. Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep
What is it: Nature and natural sounds for better sleep or relaxation
Available on: Android

7. Pact
What is it: Incentivizing exercise by letting you make a pact to pay up for every promised workout that you miss; gets you paid for every workout completed
Available on: Android and iOS

8. Strava
What is it: Running, bicycling, and outdoor activity app
Available on: Android and iOS

9. Sworkit
What is it: Gives access to personalized video workouts, helps you build an exercise habit by setting goals and working on staying on track using the app’s features
Available on: Android and iOS

10. The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout
What is it: Helpful to people with different levels of fitness, provides guides and tips on how to squeeze in a short workout even during your busiest days
Available on: Android and iOS

Being Active Indoors With Saws

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While most people think saws are just meant to cut things in half, it’s not exactly the case – especially when it comes to a person’s active lifestyle.

You see, saws are not just meant to cut things in half. It’s also meant to cut flabs in half as you saw your way through whatever it is that you’re making by yourself. And that’s because being active doesn’t mean you have to go outdoors and run like today’s your last day. Even if you’re indoors and especially with saws by your side, you can always be active while just sitting down and sawing your way through whatever you’re making as your body’s strength will be conditioned enough for you to pass like you’re running on competition every month.

You also see, saws are not just meant to cut fats in half. It’s meant to gain confidence in full as you saw your way through whatever it is that you’re fixing. And that’s because being active doesn’t mean you have to go around and dance like there’s no tomorrow. Even if you’re indoors and especially with saws by your side, you can always be active while just standing up and sawing your way through whatever you’re fixing as your body’s flexibility will be conditioned enough for you to pass like you’re dancing in competition every week.

Amazing like those found on http://www.thesawingexpert.com/best-portable-table-saw/, isn’t it?

For saws to be one of the reasons why you are healthier more than usual. For saws to be one of the reasons why you are fitter than usual.

For saws to be the kind of thing that not only allows you to make things by yourself easily, but also allows you to be active as you would if you regularly run outside while being creative at the same time – helping your brain become just as active, as well as making your thoughts more creative than usual.

For saws to be the kind of thing that not only allows you to fix things by yourself conveniently, but also allows you to be active as you would if you regularly dance around while being innovative at the same time – helping your heart become just as active, as well as making your feelings more innovative than usual.

Do you agree with the points mentioned in this blog post? Why or why not?

Let’s discuss about these and more in the comments section below!

Marijuana as Medicine

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Medical cannabis refers to the entire, unprocessed marijuana plant or its basic extracts which are used to treat symptoms of diseases and other illnesses. Marijuana has been known to improve lung health, combat glaucoma, ease pains of sclerosis, deal with inflammatory bowels, slow Alzheimer’s disease, reduce the side effects of Hepatitis C, improve metabolism, reduce seizures, and even stop the spread of cancer.

These are other benefits of marijuana when used for medicinal purposes:

Eases PTSD


Marijuana aids veterans to overcome Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and it has already been allowed to treat the disorder in some states. In fact, in New Mexico, PTSD is the top reason why some people are licensed to use medical cannabis. The Department of Health and Human Services also proposed that studies regarding the potential of the drug should be carried out to treat veterans with PTSD.

Marijuana eases PTSD because it contains THC that helps regulate the system which causes anxiety and fear in the brain and body.

Keeps the brain protected after a stroke

According to a research by the University of Nottingham, cannabis can help safeguard the brain from damage caused by stroke, by decreasing the area affected by stroke. Although the experiment was conducted with mice, rats, and monkeys as subjects, it still opens new doors for humans.

Other studies also show that marijuana can help protect the brain from concussions and other side effects brought by traumatic events.


Reduces pain and nausea from chemotherapy

Medical marijuana is also used to decrease the terrible aches by chemotherapy. It then helps patients to overcome the process which includes vomiting and loss of appetite as well.

With marijuana, cancer patients can undergo a more comfortable chemotherapy since the wonder drug relieves the pain, lessens nausea, and stimulates appetite.

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5 Effective Ways to Motivate Yourself and Lose Weight

Practice Positive Thinking

Think about getting fit. Concentrate on getting fit instead of losing pounds. If you focus on living a healthier lifestyle by working out and eating only what is healthy, you can help yourself be dedicated. Thinking about losing weight can give you more pressure, and once you feel you can’t do it, you’ll be back to your old eating habits in a blink of an eye. And that’s not what you want. You don’t have to pressure yourself about the food and the workout; just improve gradually. Take one step at a time. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Be optimistic about today and don’t worry about tomorrow. Live one day at a time. Eat fewer junk foods. Consume less sugar. Eat more greens. Drink more water. Take it seriously, but don’t forget to have some fun.

positive thinking

Set goals

When doing so, make sure they’re reachable and time-based. It’s important for you to enumerate the objectives you want to achieve day by day or per month. For instance, you can set a goal to lose a pound every week. That’s more attainable than trying to lose six or seven pounds in a month. In short, it’s better to list down smaller goals instead of large ones. Make sure you don’t just set your goals; you also make them happen. Everything you’ll do next should support your target.

Check your progress

green checklist

It’s better to have a “tick system” or checklist for easier tracking of improvements. That would mean for exercise or goal you’ve finished or achieved; you’ll have to “tick” or mark it with a check symbol. You could also cross it out or strike through the written goal you’ve just accomplished. Seeing that you’re attaining something every single day will motivate you to keep going. You’ll work harder and be more consistent if you also know that your weight is dropping, so make sure you check your weight every week.

Integrate the power of music in your exercise routine

Like the top rated spotter scopes on the web, you can also find the top rated songs on the internet! Even spotting scopes are on the net, so I’m positive your favorite songs, no matter how old, weird, or unpopular they are, can be found there too! Listen to your most-liked songs when you work out, and you won’t even notice how challenging the routine is. It’s an effective way to divert your mind, set your mood, and fire your spirit up.

Work out with a partner

If you find exercise boring or burdensome, you have to look for a partner who can keep you going. Find a partner you’re comfortable with and attend a fitness class or hit the gym together. If you have someone you can share your goals and achievements with; you’ll be more inspired to stay fit. And as a result, you’ll lose weight.

Fitness Exercise Workout Females Strength Pull Ups

The Story of Cannabis Growing Throughout The Years

Before cannabis was grown to be used as pot but with time a lot of physicians have discovered the health benefit of using marijuana for medical purposes. This has led to the plant becoming legalized in various states. Some of the ailments that cannabis is used to treat include chronic diseases, insomnia among others. With the great demand for the marijuana, people have tried to come up with technics of growing this plant to curb the high demand, and one method involves the use of led grow lights.

  1. Advanced Platinum P-series LED grow lights.

LED lights are efficient regarding producing enough light and saving as well. The advanced platinum LED lights to come in different watts for the customer to buy depending on the size of the plants they are growing. The lights have a total of twelve spectrum that gives you an opportunity to regulate the amount of lighting required to grow the plants from stage one up to the last stage. It is also designed with a fan that useful for enabling you to regulate the temperatures especially during the hot seasons such as the summer. The lights are easy to customize and hang to illuminate the required light which is estimated to be three times more than other lights such as fluorescent. You can read more about these great lights at: http://healthyhandyman.com/best-led-grow-lights-guide.

  1. Galaxy Hydro-LED Grow Lights.

This is another excellent brand used for growing marijuana. Galaxy hydro grow lights produce enough spectrum that helps the plant to grow in all stages. It has been used for growing flowers, and other vegetables and studies show that it can as well be used for growing cannabis. The LED lights come in different sizes with the most recommended ones for marijuana ranging from 300 to 600 watts. The light illuminates a lot of brightness and is designed with a timer to enable the user schedule and track the growth of the plants.

  1. King Plus Double Chip LED Grow Lights.

King plus LED grow light s are designed in four sizes to choose from. Meaning the bigger the garden, the more watts you will require to be able to cover the plants with enough light. It has all the necessary spectrum for growth from red, yellow, blue, white UV and also the IR light. The presence of the double chip ensures there is high heat coverage and to control the heat and temperatures the Light is designed with in-built ventilation and fans.

LED grow lights


Buy LED light that has enough watts to cover your entire farm. This is important to make sure that there are enough light and heat disperse in your cannabis farm. A fan is an important detail to have in your light as it helps in regulating heat to give the plant the required heat supply depending on their growth stages.

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Using a Bread Machine Now

You’ve probably encountered a lot of articles about breadmaking online, but this will change the way you see bread machines. Allow us to persuade you to purchase one right after reading this.

Let the hypnotizing begin!

Bread machines are sooooo easy to use

Bread machine with breadIf you’re not good at baking, that won’t be an issue. They’re tailored to make your life easier. You just have to follow the recipes and instructions, and you can enjoy homemade bread in the comfort of your own home! No more complicated instructions and no more unhealthy store-bought bread!

They make fresh bread

Who doesn’t want to wake up in the morning with the aroma of fresh bread? Bread machines are techy nowadays that they have timers for you to set when they start baking. Now, it’s possible to get out of bed and eat your favorite bread for breakfast! All you have to do is prepare the ingredients beforehand, set the timer, and let the machine do the job for you. That’s it!

They let you control the ingredients

Homemade bread on a white plate

Bread machines allow you to make whatever recipe you have in mind. Imagine, you can make a garlic bread or chocolate chip bread anytime you want! Plus, you can pick the ingredients you wish your bread to have, which is beneficial for people who are picky and have allergies. Not to mention you can add your favorite nuts, seeds, and dried fruits too! How amazing is that?

They are versatile

These devices can make more than bread too. Did you know that you can make your own sauce, pasta, cake, jam, and even your own pizza crust with a bread machine? How breadtaking, right?

They save your money

Save money scrabble dollar

Whether or not you have special dietary restrictions, making homemade bread can save money by up to $400 a year! They might seem expensive at first, but trust me, you’ll get more of what you bargained for if you make your own bread. Because, let’s just be honest, store-bought bread, no matter how “healthy” they claim to be, have fewer nutrients than homemade bread. With your bread maker, you don’t only save your money, you also save your family from the false claims of commercial bread!


Fitness and Woodworking

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What can woodworking do for your body? It may not be as usual as going to the gym, cycling around the town, or doing Pilates, but it sure is one excellent way to stay fit!

In case you didn’t know, woodworking is the art and activity of building things with wood. Apart from helping your body stay healthy, it can also save your money, allow you to personalize objects, and enable you to have fun! It’s a hobby for everyone!

Here are the specific advantages of woodworking for your body:

Improves your mind

mental-healthWoodworking can keep your mind sharp by obligating you to focus on what you’re doing. It can also make you more creative than before. It can also increase your knowledge about the types of wood, different saws, and other tools you’ll encounter in the activity. Woodworking even increases serotonin levels which means it can make you happy. And because you’ll be working hard on the project, you’ll also feel much better after you’ve completed it. There’s a sense of accomplishment in woodworking that can improve your mood and self-esteem.

Strengthens your body

Woodworking involves carrying loads of wood, and if you can’t wait to finish that DIY or home improvement project, you’ll definitely endure the hardship. And that will make your muscles and bones stronger. Whenever you use your jigsaw or any other type of saw, your joints can receive the exercise they need. Your hand-to-eye coordination can improve as well. Woodworking is a great hobby that will tone your muscles and improve your bone health.

Wood working

Improves your heart

Woodworking can reduce your stress levels by fighting the stress hormone called cortisol and relieving you of it. As a result, you’ll have lower blood pressure levels, and your heart will be healthier!

Prevents future ailments

no to virusWoodworking regularly is like working out regularly. And if you exercise often, you’ll have small chances of acquiring viruses and illnesses in the future. Thanks to woodworking, you can stay fit as you move your muscles around. It’s way better than living a sedentary lifestyle, you know. Woodworking can even lower the risk of fracture and osteoporosis.

What are you waiting for? There’s no time to dally! Hurry and read http://sawingpros.com/best-jigsaw-reviews/ and get your jigsaw right after!

Perks Of Active Living

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active living

Active living is not just about doing more. It’s also about being healthy physically. Active living is not just about thinking more. It’s also about being fit mentally.

That being said, here are some perks of active living:

It keeps your body conditioned, even after long periods of idleness.

You see, idling is one thing. This involves doing things like sitting for long periods of time or sleeping for long hours a day. You also see, active living is another thing. This involves doing things like making little exercises while sitting for long periods of time or running outside just before sleeping for long hours a day. It keeps your body conditioned, even after long periods of idleness – even helping you resolve problems like minute pains like backaches, without you having to say “I have a catch in my back” ever again.

It keeps your mind going, even after long periods of idleness.

Aside from keeping your body conditioned, active living also keeps your mind going – and yes, even after long periods of idleness such as when you’re binge-watching television series or binge-playing video games. You see, your mind becomes idle whenever you feed it with more graphics than usual as compared to your mind becoming diligent whenever you feed it with more information than usual. You also see, your mind becomes idle whenever you stay put in just one place as compared to your mind becoming diligent whenever you move around all over the place.

BONUS: It keeps your emotions flowing, in the best way possible.

Active living is not just limited to being physically healthy, as well as being mentally fit. Active living is also about keeping your emotions flowing, in the best way possible – just like how you feel when you’re outdoors, relaxing with a dose of fresh air and rejuvenating with a dose of warm sun.

Daily Life Hacks for Losing or Maintaining Weight

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Managing your weight is not always easy. There will be days when it feels like you are not making progress. Whether you are aiming to maintain a healthy weight or lose excess pounds, it is the small but stead changes that you make that helps you in the long run. Here are the some simple daily hacks for losing or maintaining weight that you can do to protect your health.

1. Take note of what you eat. Keeping a food journal may not be the sole solution to weight concerns. But it will help you take a good look at your eating habits. It can help you see the roadblocks that are hindering you from achieving your weight goal. It puts your food choices and food-related behaviors in perspective. Using the information, you can evaluate your weight management strategy to make the necessary changes, if needed.

2. Focus on nutrition-based diet. One of the simple diet changes to lose weight that you can do is to make healthier food choices. You can consult with your doctor or dietician on how you can create a healthy eating plan. There are also several online resources you can access to guide you in planning simple and healthy meals.

3. Limit sweetened drinks in your diet. Heed a well-known advice and drink plenty of water every day. Avoid soda and other sugary as well as high-calorie drinks. You may also have to limit drinking fruit juices, especially those with sugar or sweetener.

4. Pay attention to portion sizes. A healthy diet is anchored on balance and moderation. You may be eating the right foods, but it may still be tough to lose weight if you keep overeating. Pay attention not just to what you are eating but also on how much of it you are consuming at any given meal or snack.

5. Make space for more color on your plate. Add more fruits and vegetables on your plate every meal time. When your plate does not look bright and colorful, it means you are missing out on the essential nutrients plant-based foods give.

6. Get your fats right. Not all fats are bad for you. The good ones are actually essential in keeping a healthy diet. Get the health-friendly fats from food like nuts, olive oil, and omega-3 fatty acids from certain types of fishes.

7. Have a plan for social dining. Dining out does not have to ruin your dietary plans. You just have to be better prepared for occasions like holiday festivities, parties, or when eating out in restaurants. You can still enjoy these things without the guilt by making the same smart food decisions you normally do at home or at work.