The Story of Cannabis Growing Throughout The Years

Before cannabis was grown to be used as pot but with time a lot of physicians have discovered the health benefit of using marijuana for medical purposes. This has led to the plant becoming legalized in various states. Some of the ailments that cannabis is used to treat include chronic diseases, insomnia among others. With the great demand for the marijuana, people have tried to come up with technics of growing this plant to curb the high demand, and one method involves the use of led grow lights.

  1. Advanced Platinum P-series LED grow lights.

LED lights are efficient regarding producing enough light and saving as well. The advanced platinum LED lights to come in different watts for the customer to buy depending on the size of the plants they are growing. The lights have a total of twelve spectrum that gives you an opportunity to regulate the amount of lighting required to grow the plants from stage one up to the last stage. It is also designed with a fan that useful for enabling you to regulate the temperatures especially during the hot seasons such as the summer. The lights are easy to customize and hang to illuminate the required light which is estimated to be three times more than other lights such as fluorescent. You can read more about these great lights at:

  1. Galaxy Hydro-LED Grow Lights.

This is another excellent brand used for growing marijuana. Galaxy hydro grow lights produce enough spectrum that helps the plant to grow in all stages. It has been used for growing flowers, and other vegetables and studies show that it can as well be used for growing cannabis. The LED lights come in different sizes with the most recommended ones for marijuana ranging from 300 to 600 watts. The light illuminates a lot of brightness and is designed with a timer to enable the user schedule and track the growth of the plants.

  1. King Plus Double Chip LED Grow Lights.

King plus LED grow light s are designed in four sizes to choose from. Meaning the bigger the garden, the more watts you will require to be able to cover the plants with enough light. It has all the necessary spectrum for growth from red, yellow, blue, white UV and also the IR light. The presence of the double chip ensures there is high heat coverage and to control the heat and temperatures the Light is designed with in-built ventilation and fans.

LED grow lights


Buy LED light that has enough watts to cover your entire farm. This is important to make sure that there are enough light and heat disperse in your cannabis farm. A fan is an important detail to have in your light as it helps in regulating heat to give the plant the required heat supply depending on their growth stages.

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