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Being Fit & Healthy: Summer Edition


Ah, summer…a season where people from just about everywhere get to enjoy and have fun under the warm sun. But swimming, scuba diving, parasailing, water skiing, mountain climbing, or even rock climbing aside, your fitness and health should come before anything else.

Here are some ways to be fit and healthy, even if you’re having too much fun under the warm sun:

  • Stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is not just meant to keep doctors away. It’s also meant to replenish your spent energy, which might have been expelled through sweating and peeing. Aside from that, it helps maintain your skin complexion. So, stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water – be it mineral water, fruit juices that you can even make at home with the best masticating juicers, and refreshing smoothies.
  • Eat heartily. And by heartily, it means eating healthy foods – some of which includes fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, or fiber. You should also eat foods with less sugar and gluten-free, to help your body prevent serious diseases in the heart, lungs, stomach, liver, or kidneys. Aside from that, it will help your body get the kind of energy needed for doing all those activities you have planned for your summer vacation.
  • Exercise properly. Aside from eating heartily, you also need to exercise properly. And by properly, it means doing exercises according to what you have planned for your summer vacation. For example, you’re going swimming. Do breathing exercises and swim-like exercises for both your arms and legs to prevent cramping. Say, you’re going mountain climbing. Run up and down the stairs or go up and down the couch beforehand to boost your overall endurance.
  • Sleep adequately. You don’t only need to stay hydrated for your body to be fully replenished. You also need to sleep adequately, at least 6-8 hours every day, for your body to fully repair whatever functions it might have overused and even damaged. It will also help your boost your immune system, as well as keep your mental state in check. So, sleep adequately. I promise you, your body will thank you for it later on.

Being fit and healthy, even if you’re having too much fun under the warm sun, is not that hard. All you need to do is remember the basics. What’s more, these are not just applicable during summer. These are very much applicable anytime of the year and anywhere in the world.

Have fun during your summer vacation!

Daily Life Hacks for Losing or Maintaining Weight


Managing your weight is not always easy. There will be days when it feels like you are not making progress. Whether you are aiming to maintain a healthy weight or lose excess pounds, it is the small but stead changes that you make that helps you in the long run. Here are the some simple daily hacks for losing or maintaining weight that you can do to protect your health.

1. Take note of what you eat. Keeping a food journal may not be the sole solution to weight concerns. But it will help you take a good look at your eating habits. It can help you see the roadblocks that are hindering you from achieving your weight goal. It puts your food choices and food-related behaviors in perspective. Using the information, you can evaluate your weight management strategy to make the necessary changes, if needed.

2. Focus on nutrition-based diet. One of the simple diet changes to lose weight that you can do is to make healthier food choices. You can consult with your doctor or dietician on how you can create a healthy eating plan. There are also several online resources you can access to guide you in planning simple and healthy meals.

3. Limit sweetened drinks in your diet. Heed a well-known advice and drink plenty of water every day. Avoid soda and other sugary as well as high-calorie drinks. You may also have to limit drinking fruit juices, especially those with sugar or sweetener.

4. Pay attention to portion sizes. A healthy diet is anchored on balance and moderation. You may be eating the right foods, but it may still be tough to lose weight if you keep overeating. Pay attention not just to what you are eating but also on how much of it you are consuming at any given meal or snack.

5. Make space for more color on your plate. Add more fruits and vegetables on your plate every meal time. When your plate does not look bright and colorful, it means you are missing out on the essential nutrients plant-based foods give.

6. Get your fats right. Not all fats are bad for you. The good ones are actually essential in keeping a healthy diet. Get the health-friendly fats from food like nuts, olive oil, and omega-3 fatty acids from certain types of fishes.

7. Have a plan for social dining. Dining out does not have to ruin your dietary plans. You just have to be better prepared for occasions like holiday festivities, parties, or when eating out in restaurants. You can still enjoy these things without the guilt by making the same smart food decisions you normally do at home or at work.